Certyficates ISCC and REDcert

Posted on 21 May 2011 12:34:56


How universally it is known earthly supplies of non-renewable sources are already close to completion. So specialists are raising an alarm already for many years to it in order to search for alternative solutions and next ideas which could save our circle before total with consuming these natural reserves. Creating one consistent action plan which will let keep its balance and using is important other accessible to us of natural agents of the energy production. A natural production is one of ideas for solving a problem in the farming biofuels and biomasses. They are also essential international certyficates established inside the European Union which are aimed at a protection of our natural environment, and our health thanks to the evolution of production like of the largest quantities of biomass and biofuels. In addition two certification schemes which extremely in detail principles by which one should be guided in the course of the biomass production are describing and biofuels were created. They are these are ISCC systems, i.e. a certification scheme of Chain of the biomass production and Biofuel which rose in keeping with the Directive promoting sources of the renewable energy. REDcert which is being related to the biomass production, is the second system which in the main measuring cup is aimed at a protection of man and him of natural environment through among others restriction coming into existence of greenhouse gases.

Providing the balance for our farming is an aim of these systems and the preservation of our natural resources. Of course introducing these systems into force is a quite laborious process and requires many sacrifices from every side, beginning from the farmer.

Implementing these systems will allow for the cultivation of plants along with EU standards, what products get in this way are supposed to become competitive on the international market thanks to. Considerable bureaucracy tied with very certification, however at the minimal establishments of the biofuels production and biomasses are scaring many farmers off, there are no documents at all too much. Very certification in the future will also be connected with greater international possibilities.

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