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REDcert oficjalnie zatwierdzony przez KE

Posted on 03 September 2012 at 08:12:56

REDcert-eu 2009/28 sustainability

REDcert - popular in Poland certification system for sustainable biomass and biofuels under Directive 2009/28 was approved by the European Commission.

Certification scheme covers the requirements REDcert DE and REDcert EU and can be used by companies.


Quality systems of biomass production and biofuels

Posted on 21 May 2011 12:34:56


The care of the environment nowadays is particularly important because so-called non-renewable sources soon soon will already simply be limited to our earth. Scientists already about for many years are sounding the alarm for needs to find as soon as possible of alternative but first of all very effective energy sources which we could produce in the natural way not threatening the natural environment in addition.

All the time they appear rally new ideas which they have the task inciting our planet to rebellion, and hence providing her further existence. So keeping and not-disturbing the natural environment are essential, at using other materials accessible to us for generating the energy.

From many already is being tried to find years any way out of the situation so that the generated energy is generated in the completely natural way. A biomass production is one of ideas for solving this problem and of biofuels which are being produced in enterprises, but also agricultural farm. Entire such a process can be huge with chance for more than one farmer which thanks to that can try his activities on the international arena and develop the completely promising business.


audits of biomass and biofuels production

Napisane 21 maja 2012 o 10:34:31


Biofuels and biomasses production can be only certificate, and to it in accordance with principles of the relevant directive being applicable in states of the European Union. He is bright, around having such rigorous rules of operation and restrictive requirements fly's to be conducted like most often inspections which will let for keeping the appropriate level of production. Enterprises and agricultural farm are responsible in view of the right to so that criteria fixed for them accomplish adding. Therefore it is necessary regular conducted of test audits so that the production causes actual effects for the environment was balanced and effective. The entire companies specializing exactly in this respect, but employing specialists very well trained from the scope of systems more and more often deal with such an internal audit ISCC and REDcert.

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