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This system ISCC - certification scheme of chain of the biomass production and biofuels, relies on balanced applying renewable energy sources. The output according to this scheme is very simple: at first cultivation, set, storage, then time for processing and the delivery to the ultimate consumer. Thanks to such a system everything is held efficiently, without unnecessary obstacles and the damage. The ISCC system determines standards and procedures we must hold on to which during the process of for us of entire production of biofuel (Directive of 2009 / 28 / EC). He is an aim of this system of baulk other: rundown of greenhouse gases, rational using ground, the protection of the biosphere and the social sustainable development.
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6 principles on which the ISCC system is based must be warned by every doing company biofuels production:

  1. Firstly, biomass cannot come from lands which have a high biodiversity.
  2. Secondly: she must be produced according to liability rules environmental (soil conservation, waters, air and applying good agricultural practices).
  3. Thirdly: employees must be well trained and appropriately protected against possible threats.
  4. Fourthly: human rights must be established laws.
  5. Fifthly: during the biomass production we cannot violate the local and international law.
  6. And after sixth: good with practice of the management.

All anyone wishing to take up production of cultivations to fuel destinations must remember about these principles. More information on ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) -

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