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A REDcert system is a certification scheme of biomass, which from 5 December 2010 of the horn is in force in the European Union. It is certificate of the balanced evolution of production of biomass- for example: of esters, ethanol, vegetable oils and the like Creating the transparent and practical international system to the certification of the biomass production is aimed at creating such systems. This certification, firebrands is aimed: the rundown of greenhouse gases, balanced developing lands, the protection of the natural biosphere, the protection of human rights and the employee. So how we can see the REDCert system firebrands aren't being concentrated on huge of biomass production which would rely only on her quantitative output. The REDCert system is guided by assumptions which are aimed at a bodyguard of not only the environment but also the man, as the employee. So a biomass production is not only new releases, but also new solutions which ‘ chances are giving healthy 'for development of the European economy. Thanks to such solutions we are stopping being vermin for own surroundings, and hence we are contributing to the development of new technologies.
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